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teens only 13-17

The Lounge

General chatroom, everyone welcome! Good starting point to introduce yourself, meet other chatters and find your way around the features.

Witches Chat

Interests in Dreams, Tarot, oracle cards, Numerology, Symbols, a place to chill at the buddha bar and Zen!

Anime Stuff

You can use this to roleplay or to Just chat idk I mean itโ€™s just fun to talk about anime to do weird stuff anything really

goth and emo kids

big tiddy goth gfs are very much appreciated <3

teen- chatroom ๐ŸŠ

Join with teen- chatroom ๐ŸŠ chat room at Chatrooms XYZ. teen- chatroom ๐ŸŠ is public chat room. Everyone on Chatrooms XYZ will be able to join.


you can be yourself here, accept if u are homophobic,transphobic or a bigot in anyway, allies allowed

slay baddie

remember to, be respectful at all times or you will be kicked please report pervs ty I will mod someone really kind :D thank you for joining


Prepare for you to enter all happy and joyful, but leave disturbed and afraid.

chaotic life

do whatever be horni,cringe,dumb etc.

Anime n stuff

Yeah, yall can just chat about anime and stuff, or ya can rp

Friendly Social Room

Completely Friendly social room with no judgement. Our goal is to make a Chatroom where everyone can just talk. To apply for mod, speak to an Admin.

All is Allowed

everything is allowed (nsfw shit, horniness, drama, etc.) if u think it is allowed


drop your age when you join just don't be a perv

anime chat

love fnaf

my chat

do whatvere no rule breakers

safe space and chat !!

this is a safe space for anybody and everybody, ages 10-17 (besides mods and close friends, no age requirements for them) can join !!

The Gays

Join if you are gay bi or trans


Join as you please i dont give a shit what u post or say but i am watching remember that.

The Savage Room



dont be a weirdo. no racisism,sexism,bs,self-harm, get the point lols.

Lesbian room

Lesbian ONLY

Indian Chat Hindi Room

Stay happy and make new friends.

kpop lovers

Join with kpop lovers chat room at Chatrooms XYZ. kpop lovers is public chat room. Everyone on Chatrooms XYZ will be able to join.

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